Ohio Roads - I-71 NB - Cincinnati area

Cincinnati area

Random signs, all courtesy John Krakoff. The photo at the top of the page is also John's.

Ending off the Exit 2 offramp, all but the last photo courtesy John Krakoff.

Now up to the Exit 6 ramp.

The last two photos are on the left and right of the same gantry.

Completing my run through Cincinnati. At Exit 8B, the reason there are two signs for I-71 NB is because the left lane is coming on from OH 562.

Leaving the metro area, first photo courtesy John Krakoff.

I know something got cobbled together after the fact because the arrows on the advance signs aren't button copy. Clearly this was once a one-lane exit, but development has filled in north of the I-275 beltway. "Exit 24" would help a lot more on the King's Island sign instead of the ambiguous "Second Right." Wait, did I miss a right, or did I accidentally count one?

It looks like this exit was also widened. I bet ODOT could have kept the button copy "1 mile" on the advance sign.

"ATTR" is most certainly not an acceptable MUTCD abbreviation.

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