Ohio Roads - I-71 - Non-directional

I-71, non-directional photos

Gest St. EB courtesy John Krakoff and then SB at Linn St. Yes, at the same street but facing a different direction. That's because after they meet the first time just southwest of I-71, they curve around and come back together a second time.

OH 562 EB as it ends.

A couple of exits later (Exit 9), here is the Red Bank Expressway NB as it, too, ends. Yes, signs only refer to it as Red Bank Rd., but the top mile or two is built and referred to as a limited-access arterial. First two photos are courtesy John Krakoff.

SPUI construction at Exit 97, seen from OH 665 WB. There are more photos on the I-71 NB, Exits XXX to YYY page.

Morse Rd. EB at I-71 Exit 116 courtesy John Krakoff.

OH 61 SB at I-71 Exit 140, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Courtesy Scott Colbert, this is on the combined offramp from I-71 NB and SB.

Snow Rd. EB heading away from Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport and OH 237, on the south side of the Ford automotive plant, courtesy Doug Kerr. The roads get a bit interesting around here, but signage is good enough to get traffic from the airport to I-71 SB (NB would use 237).

More from Snow Rd. at I-71 itself (Exit 237), first two EB and last one WB, all courtesy John Krakoff.

130th St. SB at I-71 Exit 242, courtesy John Krakoff.

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