Ohio Roads - I-71

Above: In the NB rest area at about MP 33, this is the second Ohio memorial sign I've found, after US 6, and based on the font, it, too, appears to be from about the 1960s.

I-71 NB, Cincinnati area
I-71 NB, north of Cincinnati to Columbus
I-71 NB, north of Columbus

I-71 SB, Cleveland to Columbus
I-71 SB, south of Columbus

I-70 EB and I-71 NB/I-70 EB
I-70 WB and I-71 SB/I-70 WB

Non-directional I-71 photos

I've never paid attention to the seal atop the blue star signs until I got to that NB rest area.

Into Kentucky on I-71
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