Ohio Roads - I-70 WB & intersecting roads (Columbus & W.)/I-71 SB

I-70 WB and intersecting roads, Columbus and west
and I-70 WB/I-71 SB

In the German Village neighborhood of Columbus courtesy John Krakoff.

I-70 WB/I-71 SB, also courtesy John Krakoff, picking up I-71 by the second photo and dropping it off after the third one.

The first photo is courtesy Michael Summa and taken in 1982, and the others are down the ramp in modern times. (The last photo is slightly altered for presentation value.)

The last photo is at the end of the Exit 85 ramp.

I'm noticing some differences between the first and second OH 29 signs - different shield fonts and outlines, different distance text, even different spacing between lines. Must clearly have been manufactured at different times. The exit sign itself is new and in Clearview, so I cropped it out of the last photo.

The detour shields are at Exit 79. The OH 142 shield is 36" wide instead of the 30" it should be. It just doesn't look right.

Speaking of shields that don't look right, this OH 41 abomination is just before I-70 WB is shoved over to the EB side for reconstruction between Exits 59 and 54. The right lane makes it to the exit.

With the WB side shoved over for construction, I fear these signs may have since been removed.

Notice that the exit numbers are not button copy - ODOT must have dragged out remaining stock and stuck new numbers on it.

All the button copy I could find in 2011.

A few that have been replaced, courtesy John Krakoff.

The bottom of the WB I-70 Exit 36 ramp to US 202, aka SR 202 (but never OH 202), courtesy Bill Donovan. One-piece directional assemblies with arrows on the sides are popping up in the Old Northwest (i.e. pre-Louisiana Purchase Northwest).

NB on the Dayton International Airport access road (I-70 Exit 32), courtesy John Krakoff.

SB on the same access road, again from John.

The last button copy sign in Ohio is for the first exit in Indiana, US 40 in Richmond.

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