Ohio Roads - I-70 WB (E. of Columbus)/US 40 WB

I-70 WB east of Columbus, I-70/US 40 WB

Starting from the state line courtesy John Krakoff, down the Exit 220 ramp to my only photo on the page (just for the square CR shield).

The last two photos are courtesy John Krakoff.

Signs in the welcome center parking lot. The Blue Star sign is well suited for the Ohio "Buckeye" colors as opposed to the typical green and gold. Notice that the Ohio state shape is badly mangled on this newer embossed sign.

Usually these signs are two-sided, but this faces a parking lot on the other side with no path behind it.

If you have a mile marker sign, you ought to have a mile marker. It looks authentic; generally, the fakes are done to look like when they were new (and in cheap materials).

The third and fifth (last) photos are again from John Krakoff. The ones for Exits 202 and 193 are also on US 40 WB.

The Hamline St. overpass, which you may have seen in the EB photos above.

Heavy trucks are apparently incompatible with the doctrine of original sin. Oh, that's "impassible," not "impossible."

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