Ohio Roads - I-70 EB (E. of Columbus)/US 40 EB

I-70 EB east of Columbus, I-70/US 40 EB

The 5th and last 3 photos are courtesy Doug Kerr. The 4th photo is here for the terrible layout, as is the Ohio University one. I've never seen anyone attempt that with an arrow.

The last photo is courtesy Doug Kerr at the base of the Exit 132 ramp. The construction is over Canal Rd. and the former Ohio Canal path.

The blue arch bridge is Hamline St. in Zanesville, where clearly (based on frequency of exits) the freeway was laid out before Interstate standards were established. The first two and last two photos are mine, the rest courtesy Doug Kerr.

In the last photo, courtesy Doug Kerr (as are the first and third), note both the old I-70 shield and unusual 1/3 mile distance. I believe the bits of dark green hanging down from the exit signs are for supporting the underlighting; even the newest overhead signs in Ohio seem to have them.

The first seven photos (through Exit 204) are courtesy Doug Kerr, as is the -mile advance for Exit 208. US 40 jumps on at Exit 186 (not pictured) and off again at Exit 204.

All from Doug except the second photo. Would it kill ODOT to put a destination or two at Exit 213? Not everyone is instantly familiar with OH 331.

All but the first and third photos are courtesy John Krakoff and have been replaced. The third photo is still button copy, but click to compare to the photo that John took years ago. Of course the "KEEP" patch fell off (of nothing, apparently, which I wasn't expecting), but look carefully and you'll see that the shield has been replaced - and the new one is still button copy. I have no idea how that worked but I like it.

Sunrise near Bridgeport.

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OH 158, former temporary I-70
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