Ohio Roads - I-670/US 62 WB

I-670 (and US 62) WB

Starting on the ramp from I-270 SB and ending on the Exit 9 ramp, all concurrent with US 62.

Now down the Exit 7 ramp, which US 62 SB/WB follows. It once left I-670 at Exit 9 onto Nelson Rd., but for some reason now exits here and makes two turns to get to Nelson. Sure doesn't seem very sensible.

More ramp photos at the end, on Exit 5.

Ramp signs, ramp signs, every caption.

Ending the WB run. Take note of I-670's control city of Dayton, inherited from I-70, and the designation of US 33 West.

Heading west courtesy John Krakoff on the then-existing mile of highway back in the 1970s or at best early 1980s, when the diagonal US 33 was signed as North (it could go either way) and the control city was Indianapolis (before Ohio treated Dayton as a first-class city). I believe US 33 was actually on the highway at this time, though it isn't any more. Given that I-670 ends just to the west, there should only be an I-70 shield on the left sign, yet that's the one item that hasn't been replaced to the modern day. Well, then, what did "WEST" replace?

McKinley Ave. EB onto Grandview Ave. NB and to the onramp, apparently also in the days before I-670 was a full highway.

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