Ohio Roads - I-670/US 62 EB

I-670 (and US 62) EB

Heading east from I-70. The exit tab for Exit 2 belongs on the right because it's a right-hand exit.

Heading east from I-70 before I-670 was completed, courtesy John Krakoff. You can clearly see Grandview Ave. is already on the signs, just waiting for the faded orange placard to be pulled off. Obviously, the westernmost mile of I-670 was built well before the rest. There are more photos from this era on my WB page.

Onto the next exit ramp, with some views of Columbus.

Next set of EB signage.

My best estimates for these former signs, courtesy John Krakoff, are Neil Ave. SB and Spruce St. EB at I-670 Exit 3.

The first two photos, courtesy John Krakoff, are gone now along with all the other button copy in the area. Instead, you get the ridiculously confusing arrays seen in the last two photos. Those assemblies are for the birds! Incidentally, this is the only place on the Interstate system where an entire Army fort sits in the median. The I-670 interchange with I-71 is about a mile long on three sides of a triangle, starting to the west with the US 23 interchange.

More missing button copy, courtesy John Krakoff, in the first two photos, and one remaining sign on Exit 5A. Well, apparently, now it's Exits 5A/B, because although the US 40 ramp doesn't leave until traffic is already heading toward I-71 SB, it has stolen the B designation from the I-71 NB exit. Maybe it makes things a little clearer for approaching I-670 EB traffic when each lane has its own exit number.

The old button copy signs still haven't gotten the memo, meaning that after Exit 5B leaves on the left, the next exit is... Exit 5B! So much for trying to not confuse people.

East of I-71, the I-670 triangle closes up. The second sign is on the long ramp, a freeway in its own right, carrying traffic from US 23 and I-71 SB.

Continuing onto the Exit 7 ramp.

US 62 jumps on as photos continue east to Columbus International Airport and the Exit 9 ramp.

The second photo is courtesy John Krakoff, and the last three are the left, center, and right of the same gantry. (That's how close I got to it.)

Finishing the EB photos by making it to the Columbus beltway, 2nd photo courtesy John Krakoff. I know the photos look identical, but the gantries are different sizes.

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