Ohio Roads - Business US 52

Business US 52

All photos but one are eastbound.

The beginning of Business US 52 is actually the former end of OH 650 SB, because the old railroad grade crossing that continued US 50 west from Ironton has been closed.

Ironton is by the Ohio River and thus protected by levees. Business US 52 has to exit the protection to cross Stroms Creek and then reenter the town, because the floodwaters can of course back up the creek.

Unsurprisingly, the Ironton-Russell Bridge has one end in Ironton.

Old signals at Vernon, Oak, Vine, and Lorain Streets. My progress was interrupted by reconstruction at Adams St.

Ice to meet you, railroad bridge and old signs, relics of when this was actually US 52.

You found the one WB photo on the page. It's the older of these two, i.e. the white one.

Just past the town line, Business US 52 turns back northeast on old OH 243 to return to its parent. This time, it's the new US 52 roadway that cuts off the old road (Pike St.).

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