Alps' Roads Special - Akron-Canton Road Meet

Akron-Canton Road Meet, May 8, 2010

My route out to the meet was a rather convoluted attempt to find something new - up NJ 15, US 206 and Clove Rd. to NJ 23 and I-84. I exited along US 6 and took PA 434 to PA 590 for a new route clinched, followed by PA 435 to PA 502 (another new route). I then took US 11 SB to PA 92 NB to US 6 west and right onto PA 87. I then clinched, in order, PA 187, NY 282, NY 427 (via NY 17), NY 328, PA 328, and PA 49. I followed PA 44 and PA 872 to PA 607, and then PA 155 NB, PA 446 south to PA 46 SB, and US 6 to PA 59. When I got to US 62, I headed north to clinch PA 69 and saw Busti, NY (there's a joke in there somewhere), then came back to US 62 all the way out to Canton to add some more mileage on that road.
The morning of the meet, I spent some time with A.J. Bertin. We drove east on Everhard Rd. to Cleveland Ave. south (old 8) and turned east again on US 62 to old 62 (Columbus Rd). We turned south on Broadway Ave. and back west on OH 172 (old US 30) to downtown for some urban photography in the high winds. After we had our fill, we went south on OH 43 to US 30 WB, took I-77 NB and hooked back around on OH 172 west to OH 297. Running low on time, we took US 30/US 62 east to I-77 north to Exit 101. Before heading north to the meet, we first detoured to the east to catch this sign on S. Main St. (old OH 8):

We then went to Don Pablo's and caught these people:

H.B. Elkins, Michael Bazarewsky, Gene Van Dusseldorp, Dan Garnell, A.J. Bertin, Ed Szuba, Marc Fannin (hiding), and Sandor Gulyas thinking he's just so funny. The tour headed south on I-77 to the eastern stub end of the US 30 freeway. Unfortunately, it was raining rather heavily, there was no good vantage point from outside the interchange, and Dan was wary of having us all stop on the stub itself. (Not like we'd have wanted to get out in the rain.) We went back out to I-77 and turned north to Akron, driving I-277 in its entirety for anyone who had not been to that city, and continued west on I-76 to the newly rebuilt I-71 double trumpet interchange. We took a pit stop there, some people took photos, and the tour went up I-271 to OH 8 and back down 8 to OH 59. That gave us a chance to see the ongoing reconstruction of OH 8 into a freeway between I-271 and I-80 (Ohio Turnpike), and those who had not been to Akron got to experience the glory of the nearly abandoned Innerbelt (basically no one uses this freeway - you could have a picnic in the center lane). The meet returned to Don Pablo's via a U-turn to I-76 EB and out to OH 241 SB past the Akron Fulton Int'l Airport with its original terminal and blimp hangar, then along OH 764 WB and back on I-77 SB. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, and I headed down the Lincoln Highway on OH 172 and US 30 to OH 7 NB to stay the night in Youngstown. Along the way, I found a faded L marker in red, white, and blue, painted on a telephone pole. I have reasonable suspicion it's original! Check it out on the 172 page linked in this text.
The next day, my trip back focused on old highways. I went back down OH 11 to US 30 and tootled about northern West Virginia, picking up WV 8 and WV 86 as clinches and adding to my WV 2 and WV 88 mileage. I left the state on US 40 and stayed on it through Maryland all the way to Baltimore. When 40 was on I-68 and I-70, which I've already driven, I followed the old National Road on Alt. US 40, Scenic US 40, and MD 144. From Baltimore, I pretty much went the standard way back home, avoiding I-95 (I-83 into Pennsylvania, US 30, US 222, I-78), but with one twist - from 222 I took PA 662 to PA 143 to clinch that road, then followed PA 309 to PA 100 for some more mileage. For a change of pace, I took the US 22 freeway so as not to contend with trucks. I love those Easton curves, even though I have to deal with the lights in New Jersey.

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