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Christchurch has a ring road, signed similarly to the Urban Routes of Auckland but with a letter. The diamond is not signed similarly to anything. These are both on NZ 73 EB.

Older speed limit sign, NZ 73 WB from Withells Rd.

I visited Christchurch a year and a half after the devastating earthquake of 2011, so the city was in full rebuilding mode and I couldn't walk on this famous WWI memorial bridge.

Just a short distance past the Bridge of Remembrance, and apparently dating to the mid-1930s.

As I head west, here are more views to my left at the side of the Bridge of Remembrance.

Next up is the Armagh St. Bridge, where I turn to continue on my Christchurch tour. The new sign on the old pole is at Montreal St.

From there, Montreal St. NB. Haven't seen anything quite like it in New Zealand; the gold on green scheme is more Australian.

I conclude our tour at the Harper Ave. Bridge, heading west out of town from Bealey Ave.

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