New Zealand Roads - NZ 20

NZ 20

Looking west at Mangere Inlet.

Heading north at Exit 15. Urban Route 15 is Exit 16 to be confusing.

In 2012, NZ 20 was in the process of being extended north to NZ 16 by tunneling under the Mt. Albert neighborhood, effectuating a complete bypass of NZ 1 through downtown. This looks north from Maioro St. at the future NB entrance ramp.

These are the future NB lanes. I believe they are temporarily striped to permit the orderly flow of construction vehicles.

Looking as far north as I can, I am given to understand that one of these trapezoidal frames is for launching the tunnel boring machine (TBM); perhaps each one is for a separate tube.

There's a different cable-stayed pedestrian bridge, this one symmetrical, as I head south on the then-current beginning of NZ 20 from Maioro St. This whole roadway is one long ramp that only merges with the future mainline in the last photo.

Just for kicks, here is yet a third pedestrian bridge, also heading south.

Finally, back to the same pedestrian bridge I saw NB at Exit 15.

NZ 20A

Exit 15 to Urban Route 12
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