New Zealand Roads - NZ 2

All photos were taken northbound.

The Petone Overbridge, southwest of Petone on the freeway section of NZ 2.

NZ 2 used to climb Remutaka Hill in a much twistier way.

Unique roundabout signage in Masterton, which is also responsible for the sign atop this page.

Across the Opaki Overbridge.

The rainiest of weather greeted me as I stopped at the famous Anzac Bridge, built in memorial to WWI. It carried NZ 2 for decades until the current, straighter alignment was built. The reason it's at an angle is to cross the Makakahi River at 90.

The views to the west along the river.

These two plaques are set into the top of the northeast side of the bridge. Obviously the lower one was added later.

Since the new Makakahi River bridge blocks the south end of the Anzac Bridge, I must walk back on old NZ 2.

The view east from the Anzac Bridge is naught but the new bridge.

My final vantage point is from the north side of the river between the two bridges, pivoting from east to west. I believe that is the seal of King George V.

Looking west at a railroad crossing of the Makakahi River to the north.

Across Gawapurua Bridge and Manga-Atua Stream, entering Woodville.

My last photo cheats and looks back south through my rear window to capture an older crossbucks.

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