New Zealand Roads - NZ 16

NZ 16

All photos are taken southbound/eastbound until the very end.

Across the Makarau River on the eponymous bridge.

I'm already on a highway, so I don't understand the purpose of these signs. If these are pointing the way to NZ 1, which is the more direct route to Auckland and thus may be considered desirable, why not include a 1 in the shield? The road to the left is Kahikatea Flat Rd., which is definitely not a national highway.

Entering Helensville across Awaroa Stream and the Helensville Rail Overbridge. Every railroad bridge has a name.

Across Waimauku Stream and leaving the town Waimauku. I can now go as fast as I please. There's a reason that New Zealand is phasing these signs out in favor of a definitive 100 km/h circle.

South becomes east as NZ 16 approaches Auckland. This is becoming Northside Drive.

An innovative pedestrian overpass and some construction at Exit 16. As you can see from the sign in the background of the first construction photo, Exit 16 currently leaves on the far side of the bridge as part of a folded partial cloverleaf. The new configuration is a plain diamond.

I wonder what the patch was covering. Was there just a NZ 16 shield, or just a cardinal direction (whether East or South), or some other shield, or was it blank (could have been erected before the freeway was completed)? Not otherwise noted: "Gt" for "Great" would never fly in the USA.

This is the future north end of NZ 20, which was being constructed from both ends in 2012 through a long tunnel under the Mt. Albert neighborhood. There are plenty of piers here for the wye interchange.

Innovative bridge design carrying NZ 1 over NZ 16.

Grafton Bridge snuck up on me quickly, so I snagged a reverse (WB) photo to show it better.

NZ 16 exits the freeway and heads to the port area amidst a maze of railroads. The "ends" plaque belongs below the shield.

One more WB photo as I U-turn over the railroad.

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