New Zealand Roads - NZ 12

All photos were taken southbound.

The Ma̅ori I don't question, but I'm pretty sure the English isn't quite right. There is also a distinct lack of standardization from left to right.

Across the Taheke River (in Taheke), my direction yields to the other. Fortunately, no one can afford $2/litre gas, so there is rarely oncoming traffic.

Continuing to the Waimamaku River (nearing Waimamaku). That river/town place name thing is a trend.

More crossings of the Waimamaku; the first bridge is Hallahans.

This is how I know what each river I cross is, unless the sign goes missing.

For example, you don't see the sign in my edited photo, but I know this is the Kaihu River at Wairoa River in Dargaville.

Leaving Dargaville.

Matakohe River (yup, in Matakohe), and Cliffs Bridge entering Paparoa.

Through Paparoa to Skeltons Bridge over Paparoa Stream. A lot of New Zealand bridge have names despite not being notable in the least.

SB past three bridges. The second (3 photos after the legs) is Brynderwyn Bridge, #157, and the last bridge is conveniently #158. Not sure if these are numbered from the north end of NZ 12 or part of a national numbering system.

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Oh, the legs. Yeah... that's just Dreams Gifts in Maungaturoto, somewhat akin to Australia's Big Things. The owner bought the legs in a display sale, which begs the question what sort of sale features half-legs. Kiwis have a quirky sense of humor.