New Zealand Roads - NZ 1 - S. Island - N. of Belfast

NZ 1 (South Island) north of Belfast

All photos were taken northbound unless otherwise noted.

Railroads from Omihi to Hundalee (Bridge 92 on the Main North Line). The Omihi signs (left and right) are unusual what with their red backgrounds.

NZ 1 enters a long coastal stretch from Oaro to Kaikoura. As the road winds around the hills north of the Hawkswood Range, the railroad does not have the same flexibility and runs through a series of tunnels. There are two along NZ 1. The first, pictured here with a last look back south, are the Raramai Tunnels. NB is Tunnel #2 and SB is Tunnel #1.

Winding my way to the second road tunnel, Parititahi, with the same division of SB #1 and NB #2. At least in this case, #1 was also the first to be built, which is very obvious from the two southward-facing photos. New Zealand had to come back and square the top of the tunnel so trucks could get through, and post a warning not to overtake trucks while they negotiate the tunnel (not necessary for the wider NB bore).

My only SB view of a railroad tunnel, showing what the road goes through to avoid a third tunnel itself.

The railroad rises over West End in Kaikoura.

Sometimes, the road goes over the rail tunnel. Sometimes, the mountain is chopped away for the road.

No more tunnels. From the Deadman Stream Bridge north of Clarence to an old stretch of NZ 1 bypassed by the Waima Overbridge just inside Marlborough District. The old road had a grade crossing to the north.

Across the Waima River (1st photo) and looking at the Awatere River railroad bridge north of Seddon.

Across the O̅paoa River (formerly Opawa) on the north side of Blenheim.

SB across the same bridge.

SB across the Wairau River from Tuamarina.

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