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New Zealand/Aotearoa

Kia ora! Actually, this is one of the last signs you'll see on the way to Auckland Airport, not one of the first ones exiting. It's on Tom Pearce Dr., the western continuation of NZ 20B. M.P.I. is the Ministry for Primary Industries, which is of course related to international shipments. P.R.I. I'm not certain about, but it doesn't matter because it's since been removed from the sign.

North Island

NZ 1
Former NZ 1, Hibiscus Coast Hwy.
NZ 2
NZ 3
NZ 11
NZ 12
NZ 16
NZ 20
NZ 20A
NZ 27
NZ 54
NZ 56
NZ 57
Urban Route 3, Auckland
Urban Route 12, Auckland
Misc. Routes
Kiripaka Rd., Whangarei
Russell Rd.
Waikare Rd.
Waitangi Bridge

South Island

NZ 1
NZ 6
NZ 93
Baldwin St., Dunedin (world's steepest street)

Wooden, tacked onto a 19th century building - Tynes! It's actually "TYNE ST." in O̅amaru, and it's at the southwest corner of Wansbeck St. The second photo is also on a 19th century building in O̅amaru, at Thames St.

New Zealand Non-Roads
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