New Zealand Roads/Non-Roads - Baldwin St., Dunedin


Taller than a tale, this is internationally recognized as the steepest (drivable) street in the world. For those who live on top of the hill, that is their only way, but visitors are advised to walk (if in good shape) to avoid the stress on their car.

The bottom of the street is normal, but they mercifully switch from asphalt to concrete for better traction on the hill. You can see cars in driveways, proving people do drive here. You can also see that even with stairs, the sidewalk barely keeps up with the street.

Your reward at the top is a bench to take a rest, if you can see it, and a fountain to quench your thirst on a hot day's walk up. Fun facts from the mural: Baldwin St. is 350 m long, has a maximum slope of 1:2.86 (35%), was designed by Charles Kettle, and is named after William Baldwin, a newspaper founder who subdivided this neighborhood. There are two annual races: the Gutbuster (just running to the top and back down) and the Cadbury Jaffa Race (where people let loose a bunch of tiny round candies, each somehow sponsored, and the winning ball's sponsor takes the prize).

You know the road is steep when it literally disappears beneath you.

Scenery's not bad for a suburban street.

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