New York Roads - W. Main St., Germantown (Old NY 97)

W. Main St., Germantown (Port Jervis)
Former NY 42/97

I can't prove it, but NY 42/97 are W. Main St. east of Germantown, entering Port Jervis proper, and Main St. west of Germantown is definitely old NY 42/97, so I'm assuming that so was this. Makes sense; the original highway never bypassed towns, but went through their hearts like a well-placed dagger. This road doesn't have anything from its state highway days (unless it was bypassed before NY 42 and/or 97 were born), but it does have the following goodies. All photos taken westbound.

The point of interest in Port Jervis.

The arrows are unnecessary. These are both old.

Old and very poorly drawn town-erected signs.

Usually I make you click on the photo for the closeup, but, well, why not be nice for once? Dressed as Sleepy Hollow Road, W. Main St. passes underneath this trestle, which obviously once carried many more than two tracks (there was a small yard of some sort west of town), and curves west to cross NY 42/97 and become Main St. in Sparrow Bush. Follow the NY 97 link below to keep heading northwest.

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