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On the southeast side of town, a railroad crosses Wood Creek, which winds in and out of the Champlain Canal. There's a similar truss over the canal to the west. This is seen from Williams St. NB, which extends from the end of Washington CR 12 at the town line.

Now some SB and westward views, showing that the bridge plaque has been obliterated by rust and age.

Saunders St. WB from Williams St. across Champlain Canal to the west side of Whitehall.

Looking north from there at the next truss bridge, N. Main St., which looks like it's in rehab under rehab. ("In rehab" is more of a Lindsay Lohan thing.)

Main St. NB and SB on the west side of the canal, between those two bridges. At least the town tried to be artistic, but the more I stare at this, the more I get the feeling that it's a permanent installation, ruining the views of and from the bridge over the canal lock. Tear down those walls!

One more view of the superior bridge, N. Williams St. SB toward Saunders St.

My last pass on Main St. SB to try to figure this out. Okay, maybe this bridge was actually converted into some sort of performance studio. But then how would anyone get in? No, there is no good explanation for this. I give up.

Main St. has a plaque for the birthplace of the US Navy, famously engineered by none other than Benedict Arnold, back when he was still a patriot instead of a traitor. (They're just one letter away from each other.) Because I couldn't get a better photo, Arnold's (notice the exclusion of the tainted word "Benedict") Valcour Fleet was built in summer of 1776 in Skenesborough Harbor, now Whitehall. Skenesborough Harbor is still a boat launch near the Williams St. railroad truss.

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