New York Roads - US 9W/NY 32 - Saugerties and N.

and US 9W/NY 32, Saugerties and north

Northward over Esopus Creek to (with NY 32) to downtown Saugerties. Instead of feeding the meters, you're supposed to feed the horses. I guess you pay in oats.

Back SB through Saugerties.

NB at some of Ulster County's tiny-font shields. Between the old county-outline shields and the new, almost-normal style you saw on the CR 25 shield above (about a dozen photos ago), a few came out looking like this. The listing of "00" inches may be pure NYSDOT, I fear, since there was also one back at the truss bridge.

SB historical signs at the top of the county.

One of the two railroad trestles that the low clearance sign was warning about, as US 9W NB dips under the Hudson River line twice at bridges so low and narrow they've now been restricted to one-lane travel to prevent trucks from meeting in the middle. At the northern of the two bridges, an old alignment of US 9W continues straight onto private property. It curved left at the end to cross the tracks at grade before rejoining the modern alignment. For once, it would be an advantage to restore the old configuration, as that would eliminate the alternating one-way traffic operation.

Classic-style RR bridge over a creek in Catskill, NB.

And SB.

And from W. Main St. WB.

And from W. Main St. EB. That covers it.

Eww at the font, eww at the shield width, and one last eww for this being in Coxsackie (ew) on old US 9W NB.

All old, all in the same place, all NB.

All SB, back to the same town of Ravena. See if you can spot the two errors in consecutive photographs. Hint: They both convey the correct message, but use the wrong sign to do so.

Shield errors abound heading north from NY 143. The only good signs are at Feura Bush Rd., secret NY 910A, former NY 32 and still signed to it.

I-87 crosses Normans Kill just west of US 9W on this NY Thruway truss.

NB along Southern Blvd. in Albany just before the even older shield atop this page.

McAlpin St. EB into the convoluted alignment of US 9W as it leaves NY 443, then an old blinker at Bertha St. where 9W used to turn south pre-Thruway. (The Thruway now covers the majority of that old alignment.) Click on the first photo for a closeup.

Delaware Ave., US 9W/NY 443, at Hurlbut St., showing just how old this thoroughfare is.

Delaware Ave. NB at Morton Ave., NB on US 9W/NY 443. 443 ends silently multiplexed with US 9W at US 20, where Delaware Ave. ends. US 9W gets a brief stay of execution on up to its parent, US 9.

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