New York Roads - US 9/NY 9A

US 9 and US 9/NY 9A

Old-style, NB in Poughkeepsie.

No! Bad dog! Just south of the northern end of NY 9D.

I-95/US 1/US 9, Trans-Manhattan Expressway

US 9, Manhattan

US 9 (and NY 9A), Bronx to Albany
~ Old US 9, Ossining to Croton-on-Hudson

US 9 and 20
~ South Mall Expressway (would-be US 9/20)

US 9, Albany and north

NY 191 actually ends here, but it used to multiplex right into Chazy and then east to the lakefront at Chazy Landing. It hasn't done that in many years, though, and there are no signs on the old alignment from the state highway days.

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