New York Roads - US 20/NY 5/38

Rather than have US 20 serve I-90, like it does so faithfully to the east and west, NY opted to have I-90 follow the path of NY 5 to the north, leaving 20 all alone in the middle of the western half of the state. Except for the parts where 20 and 5 come together.

EB at NY 34 where NY 38 leaves US 20/NY 5 and heads south.

US 20/NY 5, Auburn and west

US 20 east of Auburn

~ US 9/20

~ South Mall Expressway (would-be US 9/20)

US 20/NY 5 WB in Auburn with NY 38 NB.

Onto NY 38 alone
Onto NY 5 alone

Into Pennsylvania on US 20
Into Massachusetts on US 20
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