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The old battery is at the junction of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, a very militarily strategic point at the southern tip of Waterford. This very old historic sign faces southward and is to the left just after you enter the parking lot at the end of 1st St.

Visible from the far end of the same parking lot is a huge button copy sign with huge button copy. Since ships and boats don't use headlights the same way cars do, I don't see how they will light the button copy up sufficiently at night. With so many buttons missing, and the background paint dripping and in some cases fading right through to the background, I think there are plenty of great reasons to replace this sign. At this point, the two canals are just part of the rivers I mentioned above, but the Erie soon splits from the Mohawk River for a short distance, and the Champlain Canal begins much farther up the Hudson to take traffic toward Montreal.

Crescent Rd. in Halfmoon is now NY reference route 911P, but there was once a reference route system that used just the 800 and 900 numbers with no letter suffix, and so here's a WB remnant of that old system.

The original appearance of county road markers, dating back to 1938, on CR 69 at NY 32. Click for a closeup courtesy John Krakoff.

More classic signs of a different variety, CR 1 (Stony Creek Rd.) NB in Hadley.

Not nearly as old, NB leaving Clifton Park and Guideboard Rd. WB past NY 236 in Halfmoon.

Saratoga CR 97, heading eastward toward Waterford along the Erie Canal. CR 96, Middletown Road, takes a more inland route between both ends of 97.

Heading west from Crescent on Riverview Rd., past this sign, this Whipple truss is on the left at Vischer Ferry. What distinguishes a Whipple truss is the diagonal members crossing at least one vertical truss member each. However, I'm not seeing that here. What I'm seeing is a standard Pratt truss (diagonal members do not cross the vertical ones) with extra diagonals thrown in for no good reason.

Heading south across the bridge, and looking west at the original Erie Canal.

On the park (south) side of the bridge.

Hadley Bow Bridge
CR 4
CR 42
NY 29
NY 32
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NY 197
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