New York Roads - Riverside Dr., Binghamton

Riverside Drive, Binghamton

Riverside Dr. crosses the Chenango River on the 1923 Memorial Bridge, looking north and west.

Various views of the 1925 memorial to American wars on the southeast corner of the bridge. I don't trust the plaque that calls it "World War I" instead of the Great War or War to End All Wars. Click on the 3rd photo for a legible closeup.

Get yer learning here.

From Memorial Bridge east, I spy with my little eye something parabolic. This is the Washington St. bridge, built in 1886 over the North Branch Susquehanna River.
Driving west past the bridge from the south end of NY 363, which you can see begins right about in the first photo. Since 1969, it has been closed to vehicles but otherwise feels like a regular street so that bicyclists can pretend they're important. Cars would have to navigate around the statue to sneak on.

Walking south on Washington St. The "JCT" plate in the 7th photo is supposed to have bike route shields below it but someone felt important enough to steal them.

The view west and east along the Susquehanna. You can almost make out the trusses of Exchange St. behind the girders of NY 434.

Back north across the bridge. Don't bump into the statue while marveling at its structural details.

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