New York Roads - Richmond Pkwy./I-278 interchange - SB ramps

Abandoned Richmond Parkway/I-278 interchange -
Ramps to Richmond Pkwy. southbound

Following the intended flow of traffic on the WB-SB ramp, heading west from the easternmost accessible part of the ramp and following the curve until the EB-SB ramp merge at the top of the would-be Richmond Parkway. It makes no sense to put concrete barriers up, because cars can't possibly get in here, and anything smaller can just be picked up over them. It also makes no sense to have a fence and leave the gate open. But who am I to complain?

Looking across the wide median in the south part of the wye toward the end of the NB lanes. There's no way across, at least in the spring and summer when the untamed jungle fills in. Since the only real connection is on the north side of I-278, now cut off, I recommend visiting in late fall, after the leaves are gone but before the snow comes.

Back east up the WB-SB ramp to where I started.

A view to the west from my middle-level WB-SB ramp at the top-level NB-WB ramp of the wye.

The reverse view, from the top level looking south along the middle level. I'll go up there on the next page, but finish this one first.

The EB-SB ramp passes through some fairly deep rock cuts (this is the top of Staten Island in elevation), showing off original curbing and a left shoulder line preserved in concrete. This is probably the least used of the four ramps, the two that cross I-278 being the most accessible to wayward wanderers and those with various intentions good and bad. It ends just shy of where it would have merged with the WB-SB ramp.

Walking back west up the ramp to the I-278 EB divergence. Someone must have had permission to either store rocks on this ramp or quarry away a little bit at either side. You can see that a continuous guiderail prevents anyone from accessing the ramp in a vehicle, and this end is visible enough to deter anyone (except me) from coming out this far. The now-demolished NB-WB ramp bridge over I-278 WB Exit 12 is visible in the background. The EB ramps were connected by an auxiliary lane, but were braided with no connection WB.

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