New York Roads - Richmond Pkwy./I-278 interchange - NB ramps

Abandoned Richmond Parkway/I-278 interchange -
Ramps from Richmond Pkwy. northbound

A full run of the most exciting ramp, from Richmond Pkwy. NB to I-278 WB, bridging first over the wye interchange of I-278 and the WB-SB ramp, then over the WB Exit 12 offramp. Because EB Exit 12 traffic would have had a chance to keep right for Richmond Pkwy. SB, NB to Slosson Ave. would have been a missing movement. (At least here - there probably would have been an interchange along Todt Hill Rd. to the south.)

All the way back west and south to the bottom of the interchange.

Old guiderail, never used, now useless.

Views from the top level of the abandoned wye, looking south along the WB-SB ramp and then east along the SIE toward Brooklyn.

Someone decided the upper reaches of the NB-WB ramp was a good place to dump a few car wrecks. I know the cars were wrecked when they got here, because there's just not enough to crash into and no way to drive them into these crazy off-road positions. It took some serious effort to get the car parts up here, though, because the only trail in is very steep toward the end and certainly impossible for a tow truck to navigate. The only way to drive in here is to come up the NB-EB ramp the wrong way and make an acute turn onto the NB-WB ramp, up over the top of everyone. Now imagine doing that with a large truck towing a piece of car. It's just a little visible, right? It's amazing that the perpetrator was able to return multiple times (these aren't the only wrecks), or maybe just a couple of times but with a few different car parts in each load. It's unique, it's baffling, and it's still very much accessible via the top fork of the access trail.

Heading toward I-278 on the ramp that would have gone that way, now fenced off and used for storage of materials both new and old. These particular bundles of steel may have been for the NYSDOT reconstruction of the Staten Island Expressway at Exits 14-15 just to the east.

Back up the ramp southward until a big dirt pile blocks my way.

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