New York/Pennsylvania Roads - Delaware River bridges

Delaware River NY-PA bridges

Pond Eddy Bridge

Approaching the Pond Eddy Bridge from NY 97 NB, at Sullivan County Route 41. There isn't much on the PA side - in fact, without a 4x4, it appears Pond Eddy, PA is isolated by the mountains around it, and this may be the only way out. Trust me, if that's the case, it's not worth living there even for the isolation.

Driving across the bridge, which as you see has a wooden deck, gravel spread around, and barricades placed to prevent two-way traffic. The way this bridge creaks, I don't think it should be trusted with one-way traffic. I'm not even sure it can be trusted with its own weight.

Across to the Pennsylvania side, but now I have to turn around and drive back. I'm scared.

Drive with me back to the New York side
Roebling Bridge
Skinners Falls Bridge

Westbound from a NY county route onto a PA state secondary.
Cohecton-Damascus Bridge

Heading west from Sullivan (NY) CR 114 to PA 371.

I spy, with my little eye, something beginning a former bridge in this location. It begins with A, for abutment, on the north side of the west bank.

A corresponding look to the south, and I finish my drive.

Back east after the sun has set.
Callicoon Bridge

A boring bridge, but the WB signs are interesting. All NY-PA bridges (across the Delaware River) are numbered, I supposed, but this is the only one actually signed to my knowledge, on Sullivan CR 114 WB in Cohecton, becoming PA 371. The 191 shield was actually part of a temporary detour assembly. Sometimes, work zones randomly recycle really old shields.
Kellam Bridge
Roebling Bridge
(if you missed it)

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