New York Roads - Orange County

Orange County

The Hudson River, seen at dawn from Tweed Boulevard in Piermont.

Main St., CR 8, NB in Tappan, having crossed from Bergen CR 17/39 in New Jersey.

The monstrosity that results when Orange County tries to do a pentagon and be like everyone else. Just west of NY 284, and just across the border from NJ 284.

CR 14 NB demonstrates in a nutshell what used to be right with Orange County and what is going wrong.

CR 11 WB does the same, then throws in one EB shield across from the ugly WB one for good measure.

I-84 drops down to the surface here to bum amongst the common roads. Or it's CR 15 NB missing an arrow or a TO sign (or both, preferably).

CR 16 NB in Port Jervis.

More of the good old font and the new, strange, ugly font. CR 66 and CR 51 are both SB on Craigville Rd. I can even place the last one for you: east from US 9W in Cornwall.

Neelytown Rd. NB heading north from NY 207. Neeleytown Rd. (one of those small towns whose spelling has never been nailed down) ends at CR 99, whose ugly shield you see above, which is also Neeleytown Rd. in both directions for a very confusing intersection. Luckily, CR 99 is only signed as the route number.

Stage Rd. SB at CR 19 (Still Rd.) in Middletown.

While looking at diamond signs, find all these on Stewart Air Force Base. The diamond is on Brooks St.

The NY-NJ-PA tripoint, reached from US 6 in Port Jervis. I have a scenery page on it, linked below.

Slightly less blurry than the US 209 version, but also with different text. Until 1768, New Jersey had a long-running dispute with New York over the northern border, but eventually the border war ended, just in time for a different sort of war.

Mapes Pl. NB in Monroe under the last remaining railroad bridge in this area for this former line-turned-trail.

Back under heading SB. To the west, Carpenter Pl. has a pedestrian tunnel under the former railroad toward Spring St.

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CR 69
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Popolopen Suspension Bridge
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Seven Lakes Drive
US 6
NY 17 (Orange Tpk., Quickway)
NY 17A
NY 17K
NY 17M
NY 42
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NY 747 (ex-Orange CR 54)
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