New York Roads - Old NY 5/8/12, Utica

Former NY 8, NY 8/12, and NY 5/8/12, Utica

An old and unusual (and patched?) curve sign on old NY 8, Oneida St., SB at Higby Rd., then an older street sign at Benton Circle just east of Oneida on Higby Rd.

Old NY 5/8/12, Genesee St., SB after coming across the Mohawk River and Erie Canal from modern NY 5 and I-790.

Greeting visitors to the exit of Babe's, a restaurant stuck between the railroad and the canal in no man's land. I'll stop back here in a minute.

First, this is the split of Coventry Ave. (old NY 8) to the right and Trenton Rd. (old NY 12) to the left, NB in the northern reaches of Utica. Old NY 12 leads right to a freeway interchange with modern NY 8/12, while old NY 8 makes its winding way over to modern NY 8 east of there.

The way the intersection is laid out, after old NY 8 and 12 split, there's another connection just to the north on Servis Place, where one finds these awful and very wrong shields on Coventry Ave. I don't get why anyone would have missed the turnoff at Trenton Rd., but these might have been for a temporary detour. I sure hope they're not permanent, as multiple errors are compounded on each sign. Let's see: incorrect border width, failure to round the black borders on the banners, wrong banner dimensions, wrong shield shape (at least it's a real shape), wrong font all the way through, wrong arrow type. Probably also the wrong type of reflective material.

Continuing NB on old NY 12.

Back into Babe's, which has a nice collection of old road signs. I figured this would get your attention. NY 87 is now part of NY 812. Everything else is just assorted street signs from across the country:

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