New York Roads - NY 9N


NY 9N crosses "The D+H" Delaware and Hudson for a third time between Saratoga Springs and Corinth. There's a fourth time before they part ways.

All that remains of the mighty Hudson River this far north, looking north and south.

After beginning at US 9 (1 junction), NY 9N comes back (2 junctions) and multiplexes with it through the town of Lake George. NY 9N then breaks away (3 junctions) to follow the west side of the lake, but first NY 9L begins, following the south side of Lake George before turning south to meet US 9 again in Glens Falls. At no point does 9L follow US 9/NY 9N, so this should be "TO" NY 9L. NY 9N eventually ends to the north at US 9, for a total of 4 junctions.

Canadian infiltration at the eastern end of the mini-freeway leaving I-87 Exit 22. Signs pointing to the left should both be on the left.

This 1802 milestone is one of the last ones still intact along the "Great Road" in northern New York, to be found in Bolton.

Lake Champlain at sunrise, as I head south through the Adirondacks with NY 22.

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