New York Roads - NY 94

The first westbound sign already has a lazy 9, and that's not the only time it happens along the route.

New Milford tries their hand at a more modern version of the state sign - except for the giant circle where the NY outline otherwise would be, they do a very passable job, right down to the embossed lettering. This is NB just after entering the state from New Jersey.

Florida does a bit better job of the whole embossed thing; these are older, and on the multiplex with NY 17A.

In Warwick, still with 17A.

Washingtonville, just west of NY 208.

Details of various parts of the historic structure.

Past the photo at the top of the page, past the end of NY 94 at US 9W, onto Walsh Avenue - well, almost. This beautiful yellow yield sign stops you from just waltzing onto Walsh; you have to pay attention first.

Into New Jersey on 94
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