New York Roads - Feura Bush Rd./NY 910A/old NY 32

Feura Bush Rd., secret NY 910A/former NY 32

The first marker is EB at the southern end of NY 335 and the others head west from the east end at US 9W. 335 ends here and Feura Bush has a reference number because it was NY 32, which now follows a semi-aborted bypass of Bethlehem Center and a multiplex with US 9W. 910A (still old NY 32) continues east on Glenmont Rd. to NY 144, which now follows old 32 to end at Corning Hill Road (modern NY 32) instead of at Glenmont.

Zooming out from the second reference marker, this WB sign is pretty clearly not original to when this was NY 32. And it was never US 32 - in fact, there hasn't been a US 32 for decades, since US 6 and US 34 divvied it up.

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