New York Roads - NY 80

EB error for US 11.

WB at that point, with I-81 flying overhead, at least for the time being. Looks like it may be coming back to ground level pretty soon.

Scenery heading west to Sheds, where the second sign signals your arrival at NY 13. The tiny "E" and undersized arrows prompted this photo.

EB and WB sides of an old sign west of Sherburne, then continuing west to Smyrna to meet NY 26 (see big link at bottom). The blurry one is for West Hill - 1802, where Col. William Smith owned 150,000 acres and married Abigail Adams (daughter of the famous one). Think of the subdivision possibilities.

On the southeast corner of NY 80 and NY 12 in Sherburne.

All around the Otsego CR 18 junction. The first two are EB and the last is the WB face of the same sign. The EB side looks fresh and new, so it may have been repainted, because there's no other reason why the WB side should be peeling so badly otherwise.

EB into Edmeston.

WB into the center of town and its municipal building.

Heading out of town eastward to NY 51. Pick up the photo trail there.

Otsego CR 26 SB in Fly Creek, the only photo among the next several that's actually at both NY 80 and NY 28.

Cooperstown street signs.

Cooperstown inn (the Landmark).

Cooperstown incredibly old, cracking shields with the old NYSDOT font reflecting a former routing of NY 28 along Main St. instead of Glen Ave. First photo is EB (old 28 SB), second photo is WB.

Other things you can see on that corner: amazing foliage, odd detour shield (both WB on Main St.), and not quite all of the NY 80 WB (Chestnut St. SB) street sign. Main St. ends up on the east side of Otsego Lake and carries all the way to Canajoharie.

Heading west from the eastern end of the route, what is this I spy in Hallsville?

Why, it's exactly what it looks like, a bridge! Here I travel north over it on Brookmans Corners Rd.

Brookmans Corners Rd. is also CR 73, the small number on top of the Montgomery County marker. The larger, bottom number is the milepost.

Just southeast of the bridge. Hallsville has not been maintained very much.

NY 26 and NY 80/26

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