New York Roads - NY 5A


Old (1970's at the latest) NY 5B shields are the last remnants of anything old at the western end of NY 5A. There are more on 5B, which I'm keeping on the NY 5 page for safekeeping.

EB through the NY 69 interchange, where NY 5A trumpets in a very directional manner into itself.

Same place, other direction. I bet the sign on the left had an arrow like the through route on the EB signs, and it somehow came off after the age of button copy had ended in New York. Click on each side of the last photo for a button copy closeup.

Whitesboro Rd., old NY 5A, EB at Champlin Ave. The top two signs are facing north, a direction that has no traffic and doesn't seem to ever have had any.

WB and EB at the Whitestown/Utica border. NY 5S has a similarly old WB assembly entering Utica.

NY 5A ends in a blaze of routes. It would have been a lot easier to keep the entire through route either NY 5A or NY 5S, because having it change designation at a triplex AND the beginning of I-790 (creating a quadruplex) is far too confusing. The last photo is on the ramp to the right (to all those routes and State St.).

The one WB button copy sign on any of the EB gantries at the eastern end of the route.

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