New York Roads - NY 52 - Ellenville and E.

, Ellenville and east

Greenfield Rd. WB at its western end, old NY 52 just west of Ellenville.

Sights along Canal St. heading east through Ellenville. If I were heading west, I could say "along NY 52", but I can't say that in this direction. Ellenville is home of a unique two-way road pair: Center St. carries NY 52 EB and Canal St. carries NY 52 WB, and both roads have opposing directions. The "V" in the reference marker is similarly unique, and designates Canal as the WB route, whereas Center St. has the regular "0" in the marker. The numbers reset on the east side of town despite still being inside Ellenville's boundaries. This configuration ostensibly divides traffic equally between the two through roads.

WB near US 209.

More scenery heading EB from Ellenville, and a last look back west.

Continuing EB to Walden, which is far too tranquil a name to have hoes bowling there. And the hell I'm letting my children into Hoe Bowl, especially for something called "9 game scratch."

Street signs baked in brick near downtown Walden.

NY 52 next crosses the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge with I-84 (see the links below).

Old NY 52, S. Plank Rd./South St., heading west from Newburgh. This side of the old highway (which used to use a ferry) is reference route 980P; the part of the eastern side in Fishkill is 980J.

Old NY 52 WB into Beacon courtesy John Krakoff, then at and past Verplanck Ave. Business 52 follows old NY 52 through the city until NY 9D, at which point it does what 52 never did, and rides 9D back to the I-84/NY 52 duplex. Follow the 9D link below for more Business 52 photos. (East of Beacon, Business 52 doesn't disappear in favor of 980P, it merely ceases to be signed independently. Apparently it does exist as a duplex.)

EB in Fishkill, proving that hand-painted shields aren't confined to the west side of the Hudson.

Continuing east to the Taconic State Parkway interchange. That's a pretty lame tea party compared to the Boston one.

On the old alignment of NY 52 in Stormville, courtesy John Krakoff.

Maybe this guy was the milkman for a really wealthy town back in the day. That's all I can think of.

EB at the end of NY 52 at US 6, not NY 6, though if you continue east on US 6, it will again try to convince you it's not a US Highway.

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