New York Roads - NY 5 - Buffalo-Little Falls

NY 5, Buffalo to Little Falls

The Buffalo Skyway is an official enough name that it gets put on the bubble-shielded ramp sign.

Click to drive the Buffalo Skyway northbound into the city.

Looking east from the Skyway at the uniquely designed Pearl (not Earl) St. Brewery with the new installation of the Lake Effect Man. He was designed locally based on the brewery's Lake Effect Pale Ale as a "new Buffalo landmark."

Oh boy, you sure do get all of US 62. That might mean all turns... it's on NY 5 EB by SUNY-Buffalo. Courtesy Doug Kerr.

All new, all wrong and ugly.


Heading west from Syracuse/Camillus to Auburn. Bibbens Farms is on former NY 31B.

Continuing into Auburn past the shield atop this page (would be the second photo) and the start of the US 20/NY 5 duplex on Arterial. Photos continue on the US 20 page via the big link at the bottom of this page. NY 38A begins here, multiplexed with US 20 for a block on a one-way pair before continuing south. The last sign is on the left turn to US 20 EB/NY 38A SB - it's really saying not to complete the U-turn to NY 5 EB, but that's a little confusing when all you want to do is complete the left turn.

Courtesy John Krakoff, this 1920's distance sign was at old NY 5 and NY 317 (once NY 31C) near Elbridge. I don't see an old NY 5, but I do see that these destinations would work for the southern end of 317/31C at current NY 5.

A pair of embossed signs on Genesee St. EB at Hinsdale Rd. in eastern Camillus. Based on the existence of the Village Speed Limit sign, usually only erected by NYSDOT, there's a fair chance these date to when this was still NY 5.

On the new NY 5, the Camillus bypass. NY 695 and NY 5, the two state freeways in the Syracuse area (not counting the two Interstates that become state routes), get blue milemarkers that apparently are only keyed to the freeway mileage, not to the overall route mileage. There are a few more than 4.6 miles left to North East, Pennsylvania.

Congrats to this contractor, who managed to make every shield have a different font here in Syracuse. Courtesy Doug Kerr.

WB into Syracuse from the NY 92 concurrency, yielding ugly shields and strange destinations. Both NY 5 and NY 92 go into Syracuse so the city name doesn't make sense to post, but this makes Shoppingtown look like an actual town.

These two BGS's were on the same gantry but have been replaced with non-button copy (booo), so these photos are courtesy Doug Kerr. NY 5B and NY 5A end within spitting distance of each other here, just west of Utica. What, it's that hard to multiplex 5A and 5 for one block?

Faded LGS on the right side of the NY 5B intersection, and then turning left to the first two westbound reassurance shields on 5B. They are of the old variety, so old that the 5 and B are the old NY font.

Overhead, WB nearing Utica.

An ancient road sign and a more ancient railroad bridge on the east side of Herkimer. No train has crossed that bridge in many years, and the tracks are completely gone.

These WB signs started out on the NY 5 mainline, keeping the West Canada Creek sign company for many years. Now, they're on Main Rd. in East Herkimer.

The best I can tell is that Salada may have been an old tea company. Perhaps they were a hot-air balloon company, though. Or private aerial investigation.

WB (and apparently SB) in Little Falls, and then some little falls. I'm not even sure these are the falls, but they're pretty.

Old flour ad, once covered by another building name (something Storage) that then faded, while the original paint job persisted. They don't paint 'em like they used to.

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