New York Roads - NY 42/55

NY 42 and NY 42/55

A few good old buildings, heading south from Fallsburg (Rivoli) to old NY 17 in Monticello (Rialto, Bogner).

More of the similar, NB in Woodbourne with NY 52 EB. Usually, only one route's reference markers are shown on concurrencies.

No, we're not suddenly in Cincinnati. This is just a trio of errors.

Old and scenic, SB and looking east.

I took the first two photos years before the next three, so I don't know exactly which order they go in, but they're all on NY 42 SB with NY 55 EB, heading into Grahamsville for the Chestnut Creek covered bridge. NY 42 magically appears at Sullivan CR 19 before turning off on its own way southward. Once upon a time, NY 42 continued north on CR 19, CR 157, and Ulster CR 47, coming out to NY 28. You can tell this pretty easily because there's another NY 42 up there - once part of the same route, but the non-state maintained part was decommissioned. (NY intended to upgrade or build a new alignment through the forest, but never got around to it.)

Starting off NB on the northern section of 42, but there was a detour, so I only made it a few miles in.

Back out of state lands, SB.

SB from Lexington, across Schoharie Creek to the other end of the closure.

Back north into town.

NY 97 and NY 42/97
West Main St., Germantown (Port Jervis) - Old NY 42/97
Ulster CR 47, former NY 42
Onto NY 55 alone

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