New York Roads - NY 418

NY 418

NY 418 just kinda begins in Thurman, and immediately crosses the Hudson River on the 1941 Thurman Station Bridge. Doesn't even require a toll to cross the Hudson.

Looking southwest at a parallel, abandoned 1905 rail bridge.

NY 418 enters Warrensburg once it crosses the bridge. Brown reference marker but green sign? I think it's supposed to be the opposite in Adirondack Park.

Looking east and west along a bend of the Schroon River, which runs along the north side of NY 418 from downtown Warrensburg until it joins the Hudson.

The Milton St. (CR 14) Schroon River bridge. Check out the Warren Co. special dark blue color of the county route shield.

Just before it ends, NY 418 EB turns left on Richards Ave. to cross the Schroon itself.

Old mill? building on the southwest corner of the bridge.

Looking east and west along the Schroon.

Dude, the ranch trail continues.

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