New York Roads - NY 41/US 11/NY 13

NY 41 and NY 41/US 11 (with NY 13)

EB in Greene on NY 206/41 at Canal St.

NB across the Tioughnioga River into Cortland on US 11/NY 41.

In the reverse direction.

US 11/NY 41 NB are joined by NY 13 NB on Church St. They then meet Clinton Ave. and lose track of what's going on. First of all, there's no one to blame but NYSDOT for such awful shields, turning NY 222 into a hexagon and US 11 into a police shield. Second of all, NY 222 does not go north by any stretch of the imagination. Third of all, NY 222 does not begin until US 11/NY 41 turn back from Clinton Ave. onto Main St., so why is it signed as if it already exists? The key is the word "back." Cortland wanted to create a pedestrian-friendly downtown, so made Main St. one way for a few blocks and pushed US 11/NY 41 east onto NY 222 and NY 13 (which was always there on Church). That satisfied the state, which had no new miles of state road to care for, it satisfied the town, which got its downtown, and it doesn't change the mileage for drivers, although they now have two new turns to negotiate.

Older SB distance sign for NY 13 where everyone leaves Church St.

Clinton Ave. WB at Main St. The NY 222 is dead ahead, and the Samson Bulding is on the southwest corner.

SB from Main St. onto Clinton Ave. and up to Church St. What page would be complete without a US shield error? This one would, because these shields are hideous.

NB, still in Cortland.

Before we leave the city, these are on Church St. SB at Clinton Ave., where it picks up all of its routes. The signage suggests that Church St. is already US 11/NY 41, although the NB signage disproves that concept. These are what the shields for these routes are supposed to look like, especially with a touch of age to the NY 222.

All of these really old shields, with the oldest being the NY 222, were in the same spot on Church St. as the equivalent assembly now (even both topped with the bike route sign for proof). They seem to have just been replaced in kind without any thought as to where US 11/NY 41 now run (back when they were on Main St., Church St. was still a viable shortcut to head south). Because this has unfortunately been replaced, I had to get this photo from Doug Kerr. One smile through your tears of loss - the NY 222 shield is still the oldest of the group somehow.

NB up to the end of the route, worthwhile for these two signs alone.

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