New York Roads - NY 372

NY 372

Tabor Rd. hides a couple of goodies, one of which is embossed. You never know what side streets may hold!

Looking west at the bridge into Greenwich. If you don't like this bridge, just scroll on through the page. I liked it, so there's a lot more to see here.

Embossed signs of Barber Ave. on the east side of the bridge.

NY 372 EB turns to pass under this ancient clearance sign (10 feet and some number of inches, but the sign does today's drivers no good) on this nice rail bridge. See if you recognize the pattern on the truss plate.

Photos taken between the two bridges on the eastern shore.

Across the bridge into Greenwich.

Architectural details from the north side of the western abutment. Ignore the pole in the foreground.

Another old clearance sign, this time legible, on Mill St. SB in Greenwich.

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