New York Roads - NY 335

NY 335

There's a concrete post at the east end of Wellington Rd. and I'm not sure why. This is all part of the town of Bethlehem. Maybe it's the east side of the hamlet of Delmar, but that's a stretch. Perhaps it's just an old hitching post and the hitch has been removed and filled in.

I've confirmed that odd-numbered reference markers are posted NB while the curve sign is SB.

The government is broadcasting signals from the graves at Bethlehem Cemetery. The antennas are definitely concerning on what they want you to think is a "water tower."

When St. Stephens Episcopal is in session, please leave the road drivable for others. Feel free to block it at all other times.

The D&H Railroad is now a rail trail, just before NY 335 NB ends.

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