New York Roads - NY 32 - N. of Albany

north of Albany

Original northbound state-name shields, Menands.

And still more, southbound in a cloverleaf at the bridge from Troy to Menands. Here the short NY 378 freeway overlays the original Bridge Street.

Just as old, non-reflective button copy northbound approaching NY 378.

Take a bite out of sign! (Haven't I used that joke before? In this state, even?) The oldish LGS is to the right of the much older assembly.

A closeup of the oldest shield of the bunch - don't you love how all nine signs are of seemingly different ages? This is the only shield with the old notched 2, and with all of the reflective backing gone from the inside of the shield, there's no telling whether there was originally an NY on top of the digit.

Another old notched 2 shield, more inconsistency amongst the signs, and a missing JCT plate, southbound.

SB in Green Island.

Continuing NB from NY 2.

Crossing into Waterford (or from, as this is on the southbound side), north of the end of NY 787.

Lohnes Rd. SB, along the north side of Saratoga National Park, just south of NY 32.

CR 69 heading away from NY 32. This is clearly a sign from the beginning of Saratoga County road construction and maintenance. If you can't read through the rust, click for closeup courtesy John Krakoff. This sign is tiny (maybe 12"x12") and mounted very low to the ground, which is why it has survived these 75-plus years.

The US 4 Northumberland bridge, seen from NY 32 SB; US 4 and NY 32 multiplex to the south of here through Schuylerville, and then after splitting around both sides of Saratoga National Park, they come together through Stillwater and Mechanicville on down to Waterford. To see more of this bridge, other bridges along their duplex, and other photos of the duplex itself, visit the two US 4 links at the bottom of this page.

Heading north from Northumberland, be sharp in the hamlet (maybe not officially a Hamlet, but I calls em as I sees em) of Bacon Hill and you'll catch these old and older signs bearing left.

Warren St. approaching the five-point intersection at the heart of Glens Falls, where NY 9L begins and NY 32 joins US 9 (visit both of those pages, linked below, to see more photos from this intersection). Those are original early-20th century (or perhaps late-19th century) bricks poking through.

Closeups of the cracked shields on the overhead signal arm, and then a bonus of an old NTOR shield on the far right of the intersection, behind a similarly old No Parking sign.

NY 254 NB just past the east-west part of NY 32 (still signed north-south, but not behaving like it), displaying the old NYSDOT font from the 1960's into the early 1970's.

Washington County gets helpful and tells you what street you're on, here turning west from NY 32. The road has now done a complete 180, so that Doug, following NY 32 SB, turned left to head west on 41 for this photo (and it's pretty much true west).

NY 196 EB, figuring that since you're traveling east (again, pretty much due east), southbound must be to the right. Well, Washington CR 37 is indeed southbound to the right, but NY 32 southbound begins to the left, and I don't blame whoever erected this sign for getting that wrong. Unfortunately, travelers looking for NY 32 will instead be taken to US 4, so anyone looking to take 32 to US 9 or to Gansevoort (or to find the cool old signs in Bacon Hill) will be out of luck, but 4 and 32 will meet soon in Northumberland.

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