New York Roads - NY 32

This page only has Albany photos, because there are several other pages linked below to cover the rest of the highway.

Northbound where NY 32 forms the frontage roads around Exit 2 of I-787. Next comes the shield atop this page, and then NY 32 is a city street with very little in the way of road interest. So get out of Albany, see the sights on NY 32, and visit the following pages:

NY 32 from Kingston south
 ~ NY 213/NY 32 in and south of Kingston
NY 32 between Kingston and Albany
 ~ US 9W and 9W/NY 32

 ~ Feura Bush Rd., old NY 32
NY 32 north of Albany
 ~ US 4 and 4/NY 32

Old arrow and shields southbound at McCarty Ave., at the south edge of Albany, then an even older shield but I'm cheating by including a 1973 photo from Michael Summa, SB on Pearl St. heading out of downtown.

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