New York Roads - NY 313

NY 313

Enjoy the vaguely suggestive detail at the Vermont border. The bottom of the sign should be as round as the top. And if you peek under the numerous overlays, the last governor's name to appear on a welcome sign was Mario M. Cuomo. It's now considered political bad form in NY to put your name up.

Across the Eagleville Bridge heading north from NY 313.

Now an old bridge on Binninger Rd., the left fork on the far side of the Eagleville Bridge, and looking east at whatever little brook or rivulet is being spanned.

Our tour continued up to Washington County Route 61 in Shushan, back down Eagleville Rd. (the right fork on the north side of the namesake bridge), and back across to NY 313.

Into Vermont on 313
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