New York Roads - NY 30 N. of Blenheim/US 11

north of Blenheim Bridge, and NY 30/US 11

NB into Schoharie.

SB on old NY 30 courtesy John Krakoff. This is now Middleburgh.

All NB, last photo courtesy Doug Kerr and gone now.

Minaville St. SB at the NY 30 SB offramp in South Amsterdam, courtesy John Krakoff.

Across the Erie Canal in Amsterdam, NY 30 NB at a pretty cool interchange with NY 5 and 67 with some cool signage. The NB-EB ramp, for example, actually folds in on the left side of NY 5 eastbound traffic, which is what you see in the second photo. NY 5 WB is another block to the north, and the remainder of the second photo (there's one more sign to the right) is on the NY 5 page, linked below.

Southbound, on the opposite side of the overhead gantry from the first photo immediately above.

No, no no. Northbound in Amsterdam, the problem is that the font on this is B instead of D.

The old four-way signal at Vandyke Ave. is actually not much of a treasure, because if you turn left (from heading north), you get the trapezoidal YIELD sign in the second photo, which is just barely too new to be yellow.

Out of Amsterdam, up to Mayfield, and turning east into Northville on old NY 30 (now secret NY 920H), Bridge St. The current alignment that bypasses the town was only built in the 1980s with a new bridge across the Sacandaga River.

NY 30 SB at NY 920H, then looking south along the next road east just before the lake crossing.

Whoops, I didn't mention the lake. But that's okay, because NYSDOT mentions the lake where it isn't. Once you see it, it's very nice.

Back north along the Sacandaga River and continuing to Speculator, in the Adirondacks and thus adorned with gold-on-brown signage.

Continuing NB through more forest, where just one sign forgot the gold lettering. The third photo is at NY 28, and the second is shared with 28 SB. NY 28 goes south to the left and north to the right, not west/east, so I guess those directional banners are for the Central Adirondack Trail, but I've never heard of a trail being so signed in NY. There are better ways to accomplish whatever NYSDOT was trying to accomplish.

Northward across Long Lake to the last bit of the Adirondacks, up near Tupper Lake.

Speaking of Tupper Lake, NY 30 briefly joins NY 3 in that town.

A rare SB photo, at the former NY 99, which was always Franklin CR 26 and always county-maintained, so it makes sense to no longer exist.

NB once more, now in Malone with US 11. The historical sign and church are on the SB side.

NY 30 breaks off once more and makes a beeline for the border after passing an unusual bank.

Looking west at one more strange Franklin Co. shield.

Welcome to New York! From Canada! The road immediately to the right makes it over to NY 37, fulfilling the tiny "Massena" promise tacked on beneath all the more onerous signs. Why even bother?

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