New York Roads/Non-Roads - NY 28A/Ashokan Reservoir

and Ashokan Reservoir

The shield atop the page is WB, but all of these are EB, including the only one with the old NY font.

Westbound scenery. When Catskill State Park was formed, existing settlements were allowed to remain, so there are still houses and isolated small towns (where they weren't inundated by the Ashokan Reservoir).

(inundated by the Ashokan Reservoir)

Speaking of the reservoir, there's a parking lot off NY 28A where people can walk out on Ashokan Dam, a former vehicular road now most popular for fishing and jogging. Here, I head north along the top of the embankment to the concrete dam proper.

Walking (really jogging) back south toward my car.

Westward reservoir scenery on the jog back.

Getting back to roads with a bang, courtesy John Krakoff.

A few old WB signs, which apparently are much rarer than EB.

A pair of county routes at Morgan Hill Rd., but what's this - CR 50 is also NY 28A? Actually, that's better than the road to the west, which is all maintained by New York City. (Their drinking water, their maintenance, goes the agreement.) And with so many old 28A shields, why not throw in a classic county-outline shield for good measure?

Turning off on Beesmer Rd., heading north under a former railroad overpass, then back south under it. This was a spur of the still-active line paralleling NY 28 just to the north.

One more trace of the old railroad, an abutment with no overpass.

Turning left on Waughkonk Rd. is a good way to get to NY 28, even though NY 28A gets there soon enough in the second photo. Waughkonk cuts out some of the tightest curves in the last half-mile, even if you're continuing east. (Westbound travelers would be better off on Basin Rd. or the aforeseen Beesmer.) This must have been a county green sign, because there's clearly an "A" wiped off after someone realized 28A is the road I'm on, not the bigger highway nearby.

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