New York Roads - NY 28 E. of Margaretville/I-587

east of Margaretville, and I-587

A bunch of old signs on old NY 28 in the Flesichmanns area. The first photo is WB, the third is EB, and all are courtesy John Krakoff. The third one was clearly repainted - look at the State Higway (no second H) as proof. The fourth photo, also clearly repainted with no regard for the message, is a few miles to the east.

WB on either side of Ulster CR 47. The wide-spaced reference markers start in Delaware County, probably because Delaware and Ulster Counties are in different NYSDOT regions. Hint: the bolt will fit between the numbers just fine without it.

Stringing together a few different old alignments, starting with the shield atop this page, WB from NY 214 to NY 42.

Old NY 28, Stoutenberg Lane, just west of NY 375. Most old 28 alignments are continuous.

This gem of an old alignment, centerline cast in concrete just like the lanes (probably four lanes, since shoulders were a novel concept back then), juts off of Hurley Mountain Rd. (Ulster CR 5) just west of US 209 and is cut off by the 209 interchange.

Back west down the hill. The SUV driver remains confused.

Eastbound, just west of the end of the end of US 209 at US 9W; first photo courtesy Doug Kerr because the button copy has disappeared. US 209 turns into NY 199, which seems pointless because it could at least be extended to US 9. My guess is that US 209 was numbered to end at 9W (enough to validate its numbering in the 9 family) before the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge was built, and then the bridge was built as 199 and no one ever put 2 and 2 together.

Why not replace button copy with a shield error?

Westbound, same spot. Those shields are using at least Series E if not Series F.

EB at the western beginning of I-587, which doesn't actually connect to its parent I-87. Also possibly the only Interstate highway to have a terminus at a rotary, though I'm sure someone will prove me wrong on this.

Washington Ave. WB (former NY 28 before I-587 was built), coming from NY 32 toward the circle where I-587 begins.

Button copy that used to hang over the joint end of I-587/NY 28, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Oops, I almost forgot. Take a Foo Fighters-driven ride down I-587 into Kingston.

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