New York Roads - NY 26/NY 80

NY 26 and NY 26/80

NY 26 NB passes the split from its old alignment, Main St. in Vestal, and comes to NY 17C and the eastern end of their duplex (26 loops to the right, and the next left is just a town street). The town of Endicott appears to have erected its own signs, because there's at least one more barely reflective sign (badly faded lettering on dark background).

A poorly conceived sign at the SB/EB split in the same spot. Maybe Endicott also put this rule-breaker up?

NY 26 jogs north a block with US 11 and comes to this truss bridge. NY 206 technically begins on the far side, not multiplexed on the near side of the span.

The shields may look new, but that was in 1976. This is the beginning of NY 23 in Cincinnatus (singular of Cincinnati), courtesy Michael Summa.

NY 26 NB/NY 80 WB together in Georgetown, up to the First Baptist Church.

SB at dusk. You'll see the sun slowly un-set as you head down this page.

The sun is a little less set because I haven't made it to US 20 yet, heading SB.

NY 26 and NY 365 get multiplexed outside Rome, and then switch partners with NY 49 and 69.

Two views of Fort Stanwix in Rome from Dominick St. WB (old NY 49), turning onto NY 26/NY 46 NB. NY 49 now comes in from the south with NY 69 on the newer extension of Erie Blvd.

SB at Stokes Rd. (Oneida CR 53) and down into Rome.

Heading south from Greystone Manor in Martinsburg on that same August evening as before.

Freedom Wright's Inn, NB near Denmark.

On Church St. SB in Alexandria Bay, about to become NY 26 SB; click for a closeup of the pair of really cool shields. Yes, that's TO TO, along with a form of NY bridge signage that's white-on-green near the Hudson River, and definitely not made this way anymore up here. The Thousand Islands Bridge itself is a two-lane undivided roadway, since a) the road on the Canadian side is two lanes, and b) there's not enough traffic for more. This made I-81 the only permanent two-lane Interstate (others had to be upgraded per FHWA ruling in the 1980s) until Franconia Notch was accepted into I-93 in New Hampshire. (I-75 also has two lanes across St. Marys River in Sault Ste. Marie, but you have to go through Customs to get there, so it half-counts.)

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