New York Roads - NY 212

NY 212

All photos are westbound except one.

NY 212 starts at US 9W in Saugerties, but it so happens that NY 32 is going the same way. Why 212 doesn't just end at 32 like any other route would do is beyond me. The penalty is an ugly, stretched shield where it splits.

From NY 32 to CR 32, Glasco Tpk. Fortunately, they never intersect, but it could be confusing if your directions involve finding "Route 32."

The EB signs at the junction, because I can't get enough old county-outline shields before they're gone.

At NY 375, NY 212 is in Woodstock, which is not in a state park. If it were, the text should be yellow, but because it's not, the background should be green.

Historical signs on both sides as NY 212 snakes through downtown Woodstock.

The last photo looks west on Ulster CR 40, old NY 28 that stays east of Esopus Creek instead of the current 28's two crossings that bypass Mt. Tremper and Phoenicia. As a result of 28's rerouting, both NY 212 and NY 214 follow part of old NY 28 to get to the current route.

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